Using the Drill tool you can draw accurate drill holes effortlessly with the mouse. The drawn hole is a circle path with four nodes.
Selecting the drill tool enables 3 new options at the top bar.

The first field allows you to change the hole's diameter, and the two switches enable the snapping of drill holes.
Right clicking with the drill tool active brings up a context menu.

Click and Drag

With the mouse, left click and hold where you want to position the center of the hole and drag the mouse to draw it’s radius. The unit type that measures the radius can be changed from the settings. drill tool

Moving a drill hole

To move a drawn drill hole,left click and hold to select the hole and drag the mouse to move it across the knife template. drill move

Changing Diameter

To change the diameter of a drill hole, select it and type the new diameter on the top bar. The unit type can be changed from the settings. drill resize

Interacting with multiple drill holes

You can interact with multiple drill holes. You just need to select them with the CTRL key pressed. Then you can apply any action you want to all of the selected holes simultaneously.