Your designs are stored in the cloud as Projects. There are Public and Private projects.

Public projects can be accessed by any user. Users can like them or even load and edit them. Of course the edits will be saved as copies in separate projects, without affecting the original.

Private projects can only be accessed by the user who created them.

Every new project is always saved as Public. Any user can create unlimited Public Projects. Only Pro users can switch their Public projects to Private.

To access the projects menu you need to open the main menu (K) and then choose 'Projects' This is the Projects menu. From the sidebar, you can choose to view your own, Public and Template projects.

After selecting a Public or one of your own projects the Project Info menu appears on the right side of the screen.

From there you can switch the project between Public and Private, load the project, and like it. You can also delete it if it is one of your own projects.

On the Project info tab you can also see how many likes and copies a project has, as well as the user who created, when was it created and when was it last modified.