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Laser cut your designs

Printing Service

Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to cut a 2D design into a physical object from a wide range of materials. Laser cutting is ideal for knifemaking because it is inexpensive and offers outstanding accuracy and precision without compromising quality. Knife manufacturers and knifemakers use it to cut knife blanks and parts out of sheets of steel.

Laser cutters use 2D vector files. Using our easy-to-learn Knifeprint Editor you can create 2D laser-cut ready knife desings.

Through the Printing service you can "print" your knife designs with our state of the art high-precision industrial laser cutters, just as easy as you would print them on a piece of paper using a typical printer.

From a single piece to thousands, we can handle it!

Fast turnaround times and international shipping.

Our Knife Steels

Units in mm|in.
  • RWL - 34
    • 2.6mm | 0.102(7/64")in
    • 3.2mm | 0.125(1/8")in
    • 3.5mm | 0.137(9/64")in
    • 4mm | 0.157(5/32")in
    • 5.2mm | 0.204(13/64")in
  • 12C27 (similar to 440C)
    • 2.5mm | 0.098(3/32")in
    • 4mm | 0.157(5/32")in
  • 80CrV2 (similar to 1084)
    • 3.2mm | 0.125(1/8")in
    • 5mm | 0.196(13/64")in
  • UHB20C/1095
    • 3.5mm | 0.137(9/64")in
  • D2
    • 2mm | 0.078(5/64")in
    • 3.5mm | 0.137(9/64")in
  • Elmax
    • 2.5mm | 0.098(3/32")in
    • 3.8mm | 0.149(5/32")in

Send us an inquiry containing: the IDs of the projects you wish to print, your knife steel type, the steel's thickness and the delivery country. We will send you a quote within 24 hours.

You can view your project's ID in the Project Info menu, as shown in the picture above. Learn how to get view it here.

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