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Editor Beginner Course

Knifeprint Editor is a web based CAD application that works on Mac or PC. The intuitive user interface allows you to design knives with precision and accuracy, even without any previous CAD experience.

In this series of video tutorials, you will learn the basics about the Knifeprint Editor’s interface and tools, as well as some knife design fundamentals.

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In this first of a series of video tutorials, we’ll dive into the basics of Knifeprint Editor. We’ll learn about the different types of projects. How to open and work with projects, as well as how to save and share them.

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Design Fundamentals

In this second of a series of video tutorials, we’ll look at the Knifeprint Editor Design Fundamentals. We’ll learn about paths, nodes and the different parts of a knife structure within Knifeprint.

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Editor Tools

In this third video we’ll look at the different tools available for use in the Knifeprint Editor.

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Editor Settings

Ιn this video we learn how to change some of the basic Editor settings.

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Designing a Hunting Knife

Now that you’re familiar with the basics of the Knifeprint Editor’s user interface, its associated tools and have an idea of some basic design fundamentals, let’s take a look at how you would go about designing an actual hunting knife with the Knifeprint Editor.

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